Clinical Decision Support

HealthFortis builds products that help reduce costs and improve the quality of care by reducing inappropriate and unnecessary tests while improving processes and efficiency.

We Help Manage and Guarantee Results

Together with our parent company, eviCore healthcare, we establish relationships with provider organizations and assist them with managing financial risk. With over 25 years experience managing utilization and financial risk for payers, we have developed deep expertise in successfully predicting and controlling costs and assuming risk.

By allowing the physician to engage with decision support at the point of order, the correct patient test can be determined in real time.

Utilizing a system wide approach, HealthFortis Clinical Decision Support helps referring physicians get to the best test in the inpatient, outpatient and emergency departments. The solution supports physician decision making in multiple specialties and across the hospital system.

Clinical decision support allows providers to manage utilization quickly and easily by using electronic medical record (EMR) systems already in place.

The system also allows providers to develop automated pre-authorization submission processes to greatly improve prior authorization efficiencies and achieve additional cost savings by reducing clinical and administrative resources, time and costs.

How it works

The CDS solution can be fully integrated into each provider’s unique EMR system(s) and can also be provided as a new physician access portal.


Smart Search User Interface

The HealthFortis solution is built with a robust SmartSearch capability allowing physicians to easily enter a patient’s indications and symptoms. The system presents the most relevant clinical scenarios allowing physicians to quickly select the correct and most accurate study for their patient’s condition.


Knowledge Editor

The CDS system is built with robust clinical criteria along with a Knowledge Base Editor allowing organizations to modify or add new rules to meet their unique needs. The editor can be used to change the recommended study, change the study score, add alerts, add clinical guidance notes, or develop new rules that address local imaging requirements.

Utilization Analytics and Reports

The system provides built in analytic tools to provide real time and scheduled utilization reports. These reports monitor and measure every aspect of system utilization to manage and improve performance. All reports can be customized and tailored to meet organization and departmental needs.


Evidence-Based Criteria

The HealthFortis CDS solution utilizes numerous evidence-based clinical content sets. These include content for radiology as well as other specialties to broaden the functionality of the system. Providers can add new criteria at any time using the Knowledge Base Editor to meet their local needs.

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