About HealthFortis

HealthFortis serves as the provider-facing division of eviCore healthcare, the world’s largest medical benefit management company

HealthFortis Team

The HealthFortis team includes executives with extensive experience in high-technology innovation, combining more than 100 years of healthcare software and services focus.

Kang Wang


As founder of HealthFortis, Kang brings deep experience, vision, and successful execution to the development of healthcare provider solutions. Prior to founding HealthFortis, Kang was the Senior VP, R&D / CTO of AMICAS, a NASDAQ Medical Imaging and technology company providing leading edge radiology imaging solutions. Under his leadership, AMICAS streamlined software engineering processes and developed industry-acclaimed RIS, PACS, financial, and data mining products. Kang was a founding member of W3Health Corp, a web-based healthcare software system vendor, where he led the development team and developed the system’s architecture. Prior to W3Health, Kang was an instructor at Harvard Medical School, where his team designed the first web-based, real-time intensive care patient monitoring system and developed a secure system for sharing electronic medical records across multiple healthcare facilities.

Victor Panza

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

As a co-founder of National Imaging Associates, Vic pioneered radiology benefit management bringing the benefits of utilization management to the healthcare market. In his position as SVP of Business development, NIA grew to become one of the leading RBM’s, serving over 15 million lives, helping providers and payers realize the benefits of utilization management. Vic then pioneered the introduction of clinical decision support while leading the business development initiative as VP of Sales at Nuance Communications and introducing CDS to providers throughout the US. Vic also served as VP of Sales at National Decision Support Company later joining HealthFortis, the first authorized resellers of NDSC’s ACRSelect criteria. In his role as VP of Sales and Marketing at HealthFortis, Vic continues to innovate and deliver the benefits of appropriate imaging and streamlining care coordination.

Jim Knickle

Vice-President, Strategic Development

Jim is responsible for ensuring that HealthFortis solutions meet healthcare provider’s needs today and tomorrow. Delivering tangible, measurable customer value with more than 25 years of success in product development, sales management, and business development in healthcare, Jim’s focus is the introduction of new technologies that improve financial and operational performance. Prior to HealthFortis, Jim served as Vice President of Sales at MedCurrent Corporation, where he introduced clinical decision support solutions in hospital systems integrated with the EMR. He also served as Managing Director for US Sales at Cedara Software, the largest publicly traded independent manufacturer of OEM healthcare software for imaging and information systems. Jim’s career began at IBM holding positions in sales, marketing, and product development, introducing innovative technology solutions and streamlining and enhancing operations while contributing significant improvements to IBM customer’s bottom line.

Harvard Pan

Chief Technology Officer

Harvard Pan is the Chief Technology Officer for HealthFortis where he manages the development of the HealthFortis Clinical Decision Support and Care Coordination System platforms. In his previous position as Director of Engineering for the Business Intelligence Analytics Server group at Oracle Corporation, he had over thirteen years of experience in the management, design, research and development of enterprise application and server software, including product development, cross-functional program management and system architectural design. With a focus on making the user experience more rewarding, Harvard consistently leads teams that deliver leading edge, innovative software solutions that drive the operational success of Fortune 500 companies and healthcare providers.

Dmitry Berdichevsky

Vice-President, Product Management

Dmitry is a co-founder of HealthFortis and brings 25 years of experience in development and management of medical software. Dmitry has managed medical imaging software and diagnostic workstation technology solutions for leading-edge companies. As Director of Software Development at AMICAS, Dmitry pioneered innovation in radiology and cardiology viewing tools and workflow, radiology information systems (RIS), financial and billing solutions. Dmitry was co-founder of IMIPS, an integrated medical imaging processing system leading the development of 3D processing for MRI, fMRI, CT, PET, and nuclear medicine imaging. Dmitry’s experience in medical imaging began at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he led the development of medical imaging data analysis, processing, and visualization.

Lansdale Redmond

Vice-President, Engineering and Client Services

Lans leads the HealthFortis Engineering and Quality Assurance teams to deliver the highest quality software products and services available on the market to our clients. Lans brings over 20 years experience designing and developing enterprise level software applications in both retail and healthcare environments. In his previous position, Lans was the Director of Engineering at Merge Healthcare, where he lead the engineering teams for the Radiology Information System, Financial Billings, and Dashboard Data Mining products. In this role, he added Meaningful Use to the RIS for Stage 1 certification, ensuring seamless integration across product lines. In Lans’ role at HealthfFortis, he is also responsible for all HealthFortis real-time integrations across client platforms including EMR systems, RIS systems and numerous department order entry systems such as the ED and physician portals, ensuring bi-directional product communication for comprehensive information exchange between all disparate systems.